End of Life Doula Services

About Us


Laurie Chapman, N.D.

INELDA-trained End of Life Doula, is the founder of Companions for a Peaceful Passage, LLC. She has a background in social work and has been a Naturopathic Doctor (N.D.) for 18 years. Working one-on-one with patients has enhanced her deep listening skills and honed her bedside manner.

Laurie's years serving patients and their families have led her to this end of life doula career.  She believes that death can be a sacred, beautiful process and that people should be allowed to have the death they envision for themselves.

"I am there to provide context and closure to the dying person, their family and friends; helping them to navigate this sacred process with grace, courage and peace."


Our INELDA Approach

"Addressing all of the needs of the dying and their families takes intense and continuous guidance and support. Hospices, hospitals, communities, and other settings where people die don’t have the organizational structure or the resources to provide that kind of guidance and support. 

An End of Life Doula program not only fills this gap in services, it also introduces best practices that offer the dying deeper meaning and provides greater comfort to family."

Find out more at https://www.inelda.org/


Why Us?

We complement, but are separate from, hospice care. We provide facilitation of an introspective and personal life review as well as assistance with advanced directives, and other resources. We can help with planning your legacy, final hours and then being there to see your plans enacted.

We are available at all times during the final stage of life.